The world of architecture is in the midst of a revolution. The conventional floor plan, section, and perspective are slowly being replaced by new, information-rich models and visualization methods. As technology improves, so does the potential for understanding both the process and final product of building. Architects and engineers can collaborate with contractors to ensure a clash-free building, while clients can view the completed product even before the ground is broken.

     For the past several years, I've studied many of these new methods and explored their potential to enhance the world of architecture. From building information modeling in Revit, to photorealistic renderings in 3D Studio Max, to virtual walkthroughs in Unity, my work incorporates many new methods for design visualization. In some instances, I've even taken my work beyond a simple concept, using methods such as 3D printing and CnC routing to turn my designs into an actual physical object.

5th-year Architecture Thesis Animation
Music: With Rainy Eyes by Emancipator